Interested in finding out more information about archaeology in Scotland?  Below are links to some of the best archives and journals – many of which can be accessed online!


Canmore is the online database hosted by RCAHMS.  Information about nearly all archaeological sites in Scotland can be found on the site. It contains information about 300,000 places in Scotland and 150,000 pictures.  It is updated by individuals and staff at RCAHMS and has recently been prioritized for the entry of maritime sites.

Discovery and Excavation in Scotland

This is an annual publication that has run since 1947.  Articles from 1947 to 2008 are available online and are summary accounts of the field work conducted during the previous year.  Because it relies upon the archaeologists to submit their work voluntarily, it does not necessarily contain everything, but it is still very useful.

Proceedings of the Antiquaries of Scotland

This journal is one of the oldest continuous archaeological publications in Scotland and has been published since 1851 and is available online (with a 5 year restriction for the most recent years).

National Library of Scotland Maps

The National Library of Scotland has an impressive map collection.  They hold hard copies of millions of map and many of them are available in high resolution online.  Many of the maps are hundreds of years old, and a particularly useful and interesting series is that of the First Edition of the Ordnance Survey’s mid-19th century maps (6 inches to 1 mile).  Some very detailed maps from the same period at a 1:2500 scale are also available.