Hornindalsvatnet is Europe’s deepest lake, at 514m depth. Promare team used an ROV to explore this lake and collected samples.  Genetic studies conducted on the specimens show that a type of Arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus), a previously unknown species, probably developed post-glacially in this lake.


puerto rico trench

ProMare deployed a robotic vehicle to explore the deepest sections of the Atlantic Ocean, showcasing the feasibility of low-cost deep-sea exploration. The expedition yielded video footage and recovered marine life, including specimens from the deepest part of the Atlantic Ocean, located north of Puerto Rico.

work with ictineu3

ProMare and ICTINEU Submarins SL have entered into an agreement to conduct joint research projects with the manned submersible ICTINEU 3. Their inaugural venture, a sequence of dives in Lake Garda, marks the onset of innovative exploration.

drain the oceans

Discover Promare’s projects showcased on the National Geographic Channel’s “Drain the Oceans” series. Learn more about the world beneath the waves as this innovative show employs cutting-edge technology to reveal submerged wonders, uncovering the hidden treasures and mysteries of the deep, guided by Promare’s expertise.

protection of manatees

ProMare supports the world’s leading manatee conservation organization, Save the Manatee Club, in their efforts to protect manatees and their aquatic habitat for future generations. We have adopted a manatee, appropriately named Promanatee, and visited the charity located in Florida, in 2018.