MAS400 Project

The Mayflower Autonomous Ship project, which started in 2019, developed one of the pioneering autonomous vessels. The challenge set by our team mirrored the iconic journey of the original Mayflower, which originated from Plymouth UK, and carried the settlers of the initial European colony of Plymouth (MA) to the New World in 1620. This ambitious initiative is a collaborative effort involving organizations such as ProMare, IBM, and a variety of industry and academic partners.
At its core, the project focused on developing a vessel capable of traversing the Atlantic Ocean autonomously, devoid of any human intervention. It relies on cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and advanced sensor systems to navigate and make decisions in real-time. Beyond its autonomous capabilities, the Mayflower Autonomous Ship is equipped with an array of sensors and scientific instruments aimed at collecting data on oceanographic and environmental variables. This data collection serves scientific research purposes, contributing valuable insights into climate change, ocean health, and marine biodiversity.
In addition to its scientific objectives, the project seeks to engage and educate the public about autonomous technology and ocean research and conservation. The development of the Mayflower Autonomous Ship represents a significant feat in technological innovation, pushing the boundaries of robotics, marine engineering, and AI technologies. By bringing together expertise from various sectors, the project facilitates collaboration and interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge.
Moreover, the project serves as a tribute to history, honouring the legacy of the original Mayflower voyage while showcasing the remarkable progress made in maritime technology over the centuries. Overall, the Mayflower Autonomous Ship project stands as a pioneering endeavour that combines scientific exploration, educational outreach, and historical reverence, while pushing forward the frontiers of autonomous maritime technology.
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