Orkney Research Centre for Archaeology

The Orkney Research Centre for Archaeology is housed within the Archaeology Department of Orkney College.  It is a contract archaeology service established in 2007 that provides archaeological and geophysical services.  It was originally a subset of the Orkney Archaeological Trust (called the Projects Unit).  The Geophysics Unit was started in 2004.  They are not limited to work only in Orkney, and provide their services across the highlands and islands of Scotland (ORCA).  As a result of demand created by the Marine Scotland Act 2010, ORCA has increased their ability to deal with marine and environmental archaeology.  ORCA occasionally does outreach activites for individuals interested in archaeology (ORCA).


Wessex Archaeology

Wessex Archaeology is one of the largest contract archaeology firms in the UK with offices all over the island, including one in Edinburgh.  They list themselves as a “charitable company which puts sustainability and community engagement at its heart” (Wessex Archaeology).  They have a Coastal & Marine Team in Edinburgh and have conducted interesting landscape studies in western Scotland.  For anyone who is interest in archaeology, Wessex archaeology has ways for people to become involved (A Day of Archaeology).