The Mayflower Autonomous Ship project, initiated in 2019, spearheaded the development of an innovative autonomous vessel, mirroring the historic journey of the original Mayflower. Collaborating with ProMare, IBM, and various industry and academic partners, MAS400 completed the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean autonomously, leveraging cutting-edge AI and sensor systems. Beyond navigation, it collects vital oceanographic data, contributing to climate research and marine conservation efforts. Additionally, the project fosters public engagement and education while paying homage to maritime history. By uniting diverse expertise, it exemplifies technological innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration. Visit link below¬†for updates on the project’s milestones and future endeavors.

deep diving drones

In 2012, ProMare achieved a groundbreaking milestone as their prototype robotic vehicle descended into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. The expedition yielded remarkable video footage and the recovery of unprecedented marine life from the ocean’s deepest recesses. This pioneering feat demonstrated the feasibility of exploring the deepest oceanic realms at a relatively low cost. Located approximately 500 miles long and 26,000 feet deep, the Puerto Rico Trench, the deepest part of the Atlantic Ocean, served as the backdrop for this historic mission. Explore further insights into this extraordinary venture by clicking here.

ictineu3 submersible

ProMare and ICTINEU Submarins SL have forged a strategic partnership aimed at advancing marine exploration through joint research projects utilizing the manned submersible ICTINEU 3. Their inaugural collaboration in late 2018 involved a series of dives in Lake Garda, marking the beginning of an exciting journey into the depths. As pioneers in underwater exploration, both organizations bring unique expertise to the table. With ICTINEU 3’s advanced capabilities and ProMare’s commitment to innovation, this partnership promises to unlock new frontiers in oceanic research. To learn more about the state-of-the-art submersible, visit and delve into the future of underwater exploration.